Art Work

DAVID WAGNER has painted since he was 21 and studied in New York City with such artists as John Griefin, Alvin Loving, and Lincoln Perry. He was a social worker, a labor organizer and official, and a professor as well as author of 11 books. He works in acryllics on both boxes (see box art below) in which he paints all 4 sides, and on canvases and canvas boards. He now lives in Long Beach, California.

Price lists are available on request, email:


25 X 22″
acrylic on canvas
“Checkerboard Square Summer”
33 X 10.5 “
acrylic on canvas
“Checkerboard Square Winter”
39 X 27 “
acrylic on canvas


“Nude by the Waterfall”
16 X 18″
“Green Scarf”
16 X 21 “
acrylic on canvas
“Homeless Men 1900s”
19 X 16 X6 (box)
acrylic on box
“The Opening”
20 X 15″
acyllic on canvasboard

“The French Theatre”
24 X 30
acryllic on canvas

“Fair-Haired Lady”

20 X 16″

acrylic on canvas $400


“Kandinsky Series #1″ 26X21”
acrylic on canvas
series price contact artist
“Kandinsky Series #2″ 26 X 21”
acrylic on canvas
series price contact artist
“Kandinsky 3”
24 X 21″
acrylic on canvas
series price, contact artist