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This is the FIRST BOOK about Progressives throughout American history including the original Progressives of 1900-1917, the progressives of the Popular Front of the 1930s and 1940s, and the efforts of the last decades from Jesse Jackson to Bernie Sanders. Wagner argues that these movements for reforms have ended up in a dead-end in the two major parties.

see page here describing me professor emeritus at University
of Southern Maine and author of 11 previous books
winner of 3 book awards.


1 Who and What are Progressives?

Table I: Crib Sheet: Progressives, Liberals, Radicals on the Issues: A Historical Charting (1900-2020)

2 The Original Progressives: “The Radical Movement under Conservative Domination”:

Table II: Progressive Party in National Presidential Elections

3 Progressives II: Fellow Travelers of Stalinism

4 Progressives III: The Rapid Decline of Liberalism and Progressive as a new Name

5 Progressives III: More Progressive than Thou

6 The Left: Left Behind?




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